Beltrade International

Beltrade International was established in 2004 in response to demand from some of our clients for a fully integrated supply chain and import service. We have structured ourselves to fill this gap in the market and currently serve several varied industries and organisations.

If your company cannot afford to waste valuable time and effort obtaining the skills or knowledge to handle or effect an international purchase, forex payments, shipping, both international and local administration and legislation requirements, then consider Beltrade-International as your personal off-site, in-house purchasing and shipping departments.

We manage all the complex and time-consuming processes involved, from purchasing the goods at their origin to delivery at your doorstep, as per your requirements. You’ll have one point of contact and you’ll receive one tax invoice for the complete transaction (*conditions apply).

As an owner-managed company, staffed exclusively by international trade, logistics and freight professionals, Beltrade are equipped to act decisively on your behalf. Our size and structure are geared towards providing you with personalised service, with attention to detail and solutions for all your international trade requirements.